Team McAllister is a professional show jumping barn specializing in equestrian training and sales.

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Team McAllister’s training philosophy focuses on evolving the partnership between horse and rider, with an emphasis on coaching riders to better understand their horses physical and mental attributes and how to effectively activate them in order to achieve optimized efficiency, performance and success.


Competitive show jumping requires a combination of talent, skill, discipline and commitment from both horse and rider. Having a training strategy that addresses each of these areas is essential in the pursuit of excellence.

Our mission is to create and implement customized training strategies that will optimize the physical and mental performance of both horse and rider, resulting in greater success at all levels.

Openings are available at our farm for clients looking to bring their horse into full training and showing with us on the local and national circuits

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Team McAllister runs a comprehensive horse sales program, producing and selling top quality show horses. For over a decade, Steve and Jenni have successfully imported, shown and sold horses on behalf of their clients with significant returns on investment (ROI).

Team McAllister partners with some of the top horse breeders from around the world to provide their buyers with the highest quality horses that are suitable for beginners through to elite level riders. These partnerships coupled with Jenni & Steve’s ability to identify horses with exceptional talent and disposition necessary to compete at the top of the sport, provide a unique value to their clients looking for their next great show jumper.

We welcome partnership and sponsorship opportunities on investment horses.

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Jenni & Steve Clinics are customized for each barn ranging from ground polls to Grand Prix level training sessions, with the ultimate objective of evolving the partnership between horse and rider in order to achieve optimum performance and success.

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Team McAllister offers virtual coaching and training from multi team FEI World Cup rider and her coach, Jenni & Steve McAllister. Utilizing online communication channels such as live video conferencing, the coach and rider can review training sessions, show rounds, conditioning programs together in real time as well as review other items such as horse wellness issues and evaluations of new horse prospects.

Virtual coaching ensures that riders will always have their coach available to them to provide valuable feedback and recommendations, as they continue to develop their skills and techniques, both inside and outside of the ring.


With virtual coaching, equestrians can receive coaching from their preferred coach without having to travel long distances. This means that riders can save time and money by avoiding travel expenses and the inconvenience of having to take time off work or school.


Virtual coaching can be done from anywhere and at any time, making it easy for riders to schedule coaching sessions around their busy schedules. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for riders who are balancing riding with other commitments, such as school or work.

Personalized Coaching:

Virtual coaching allows coaches to provide more personalized coaching to each rider. Coaches can analyze video footage of riders and provide detailed feedback and tailored training plans to help riders improve their skills.

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