Team McAllister Training Programs

The sport of show jumping combines the talent and skill of both horse and rider. Timing, precision, and strategy all play a part in the pursuit of excellence. Our mission in the sport is to help the individual horse and rider achieve their personal best.

Our combined experience, extensive knowledge and established training techniques have proven to be successful for horses and riders at all levels.


Team McAllister has a successful track record of developing talented individuals to compete at the top of the sport. Our experienced team offers amateurs and professionals alike the opportunity to train with us in a customized program centered around your competitive goals.

With a full schedule that includes the top venues on both coasts, we are available for coaching and training at horse shows, teaching at client’s barns, weekend workshops and giving clinics across the country. Openings are available at our farm for clients looking to bring their horse into full training and showing with us on the national circuit.


Team McAllister runs a comprehensive horse training business, producing and selling quality show horses. For over a decade, Steve and Jenni have successfully imported, shown and sold exceptional horses with proven returns. Strong partnerships with top breeders coupled with their ability to identify the required talent and disposition necessary at the top of the sport make for a winning combination. They are open to partnership and sponsorship opportunities on investment horses.

With the individuality of each horse in mind, it is important for every horse we work with to have a well-rounded training foundation. This builds the confidence and muscle strength necessary to perform the future job being asked of it. We cannot emphasise enough it takes TIME to train a horse. Consistency is the key to connect with the horse in order to maximize its potential.