“Team McCallister is by far one of the best programs I have ever trained with. My horse has quickly advanced with Jenni, he is jumping stronger and higher then he has under any other system. Also, the peace of mind which comes with knowing your horse is receiving the absolute best care, training and treatment from Jenni and Steve is truly invaluable. As a full time student, and now busy professional, I have never worried once about how my horse is being cared for with them. Team McCallister is truly amazing, they check in with me to let me know how my horse is progressing, they are on top of any issues which have arisen, and have made sure his body felt right for the work we are asking him to do. Everyone that works with Jenni and Steve is extremely knowledgeable, the whole team is friendly and drama free. I am very proud to call myself and my horse part of Team McCallister!”

– Rachel Baum

“I came to Jenni & Steve with a sale horse I had invested in – he was a mess & they completely turned him around. From the ground up – his feed, his body and his feet were tended to as well as his jump. His form had become inverted and his stride very up and down. All aspects improved immensely in their program.”

– Christina Caruso

“The techniques that are part of Jenni and Steve’s wonderful and successful program have been an absolutely invaluable experience for my horse and for me.”

– Marie Bishop

“Nothing is more important to a horse owner than the peace of mind that their horse is happy and being well taken care of at all times. My move to Team McAllister was very last minute. I had just obtained a five-year-old that had been imported from Europe and needed a sufficient facility to board and train him. I immediately thought of Hansen Dam the McAllisters. Having grown up on the competitive show circuit, I always knew who Steve and Jenni McAllister were. As a child I would watch riders like Jenni in the Grand Prix and be absolutely mesmerized. At the shows you could see from afar that Steve and Jenni were an exceptional team. They were two people who’s lives were dedicated to this truly unique sport and they were clearly masters at what they do. I set up an appointment to come see their program and moved my horse the very next day.

Originally I had planned on just boarding my horse under their program and nothing more. Steve and Jenni’s business associate, Gioia Lamendola, suggested that I possibly consider taking an occasional private lesson with Steve and that he gives impeccable instruction and guidance with training young horses. She could not have been more correct. I have done clinics with the biggest legends in show jumping. I grew up training with a two-time Olympian. Steve McAllister is a horseman and trainer who’s knowledge is beyond superior. He continually helps reinforce and strengthen the skill which I’ve been taught my entire life and has helped guide the training process which I am currently undergoing with my five year old. I have an insane work schedule and have always found comfort in the reliability that my horse will always be ready and waiting for me to hop on upon my arrival. He is always groomed to perfection and looks like he is entering the show ring. Each and every one of the Team McAllister employees are grounded, salt of the earth kinds of people. They have made me feel right at home from the very beginning and have all become good friends of mine. I come to the barn everyday looking forward to seeing all the friendly faces who make up Team Mcallister. This entire group of people posses more than a sense of community. They are a family. A family that is kind to the horses and have always treated my horse as though it were their own. And with that said, I could not ask for more. My involvement with Team McAllister has been a blessing.”

– Anthony Boskovich