Horse Training

Team McAllister has expanded our young horse training program into the Northwest.

We have partnered with our sister barn, Timberline Farm in Oregon, to offer a special program aimed at training young sport horses for a future career. Timberline Farm is owned and operated by our family member Makenzie Harvey. She brings a lifetime of experience riding, training, teaching and starting young horses.

Our goal is to produce young horses that are ready to step into the show ring with their owner or trainer. We also produce horses ready to move into our Team McAllister showing and sales programs.

Your horse will receive excellent care and individual training designed specifically to its needs. Makenzie does the majority of the ground work with help from her assistant. As the horse begins to progress, Cecily provides instruction and assistance from the ground. Jenni and Steve provide regular evaluations and training input. Progress photos and videos are sent regularly to the owner. When the appropriate time comes, young horses are hauled and schooled at local shows to develop confidence and further their education.

With the individuality of each horse in mind, we have a proven program and order in which we do things. It is important for every horse that we work with to have a well-rounded training foundation. This builds the confidence and muscle strength necessary to perform the future job being asked of it. We cannot emphasis enough it takes TIME to train a horse. We encourage a minimum 6-month commitment to start any horse properly from the ground up. A 1-year commitment is highly encouraged for a horse to successfully make it to the show ring.


Introducing Timberline Farm

Makenzie Harvey – Young Horse Starting