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2010 Holsteiner Gelding (16.3 hh)

USEF – 5419378

Showing consistently up to 1.45m, Cantango has the scope and ability to go all the way to the top with a professional rider. Smooth and adjustable with both a lovely cadence and jump, he could easily cross over to the equitation ring. Sweet, friendly and kind, Cantango is uncomplicated enough for a junior or amateur rider.

Cantango – $25K Fox Lea Grand Prix – 02-15-19

Cantango – $7,500 Vet Jumper Challenge – 02-14-19

Cantango – $7,500 1.35m Jumper Challenge – 02-07-19

Cayla 5

2012 Holsteiner Mare (17.2 hh)

USEF – 5536943

Flashy and careful with beautiful cat-like movements, Cayla 5 has the scope and potential to be a top Grand Prix horse. Imported from Germany in December of 2018, Cayla has just started showing in the 1.30m jumpers with a professional rider. 

Cayla 5 – 7-Year-Old Final – Split Rock – 08-17-19

Cayla 5 – $200 1.25m Jumpers – 08-02-19

Cayla 5 – $750 1.20m FarmVet Jumper – 02-21-19


2009 Holsteiner Gelding (16.2 hh)

USEF – 5536943

As talented as he is gorgeous, Colvados was imported from Germany in 2018 and has been making his U.S. debut from California to New Mexico and Florida. He has been showing consistently in the 1.50m Grand Prix ring with numerous wins and placings. He also has experience in the equitation ring and was shown by an amateur in the 2018 USEF show jumping talent search finals. Stunning, brave, careful and uncomplicated, Colvados is ready to partner with a JR/AO or a professional ready to take him to the next level.

Colvados – $5K 1.40m Open Welcome – Ocala – 02-20-19

Colvados – $40K Grand Prix De Santa Fe – 08-12-18

Colvados – $10K Santa Fe Welcome Stake – 08-10-18

Colvados – $30,000 Fiesta Week Grand Prix – 08-05-18

Sanita PJ

2011 Swedish Warmblood Mare (16.0 hh)

Fast and brave, Sanita PJ is a very careful jumper with numerous clear rounds and trips to the winner’s circle. imported from Sweden in the summer of 2018, she has been consistently showing up to 1.35m with the potential to go higher. She would make a super partner for a professional, junior or amateur seeking a talented, flashy show jumper.

Sanita PJ – $10K 1.35m Prix – Split Rock – 08-17-19

Sanita PJ – 1.30m Kentucky Horse Park – 05-10-19

Sanita PJ – 1.30m Jumpers – Venice – 02-14-19

Sanita PJ – 1.25m Jumpers – 02-07-19

Sydney’s Best

2011 Holsteiner Mare (16.2 hh)

USEF – 5412530

Sydney’s Best (Betty) was sired by Numero Uno and was imported from Germany in 2017. Betty has show miles up to 1.35m with numerous wins in the 1.20m division throughout 2018. With top placings in speed derbies, Betty qualified for the 2018 USEF year end 1.20m championships in Las Vegas. Brave on the trail, she loves jumping natural obstacles and would make a great eventing prospect or fox hunt partner. Always in the ribbons, extremely fast and careful, Betty loves her job and is all business in the show ring.

Sydney’s Best – 1.25m Speed Jumper – 03-29-19

Sydney’s Best – $200 1.20m Jumpers – Santa Fe – 08-10-18

Sydney’s Best – 1.20m Jumper Classic – Woodside – 07-08-18

Sydney’s Best – Woodside -1.20m Speed Derby – 06-29-18


2013 Holsteiner Mare (16.0 hh)

USEF – 5294372

Fergitaboutit (Fergie) is both beautiful and graceful with an easy disposition and sound mind to match. By the stallion Picardo, showing great potential and natural talent, she has already moved up to 1.15m. Uncomplicated, sweet and in-your-pocket personality on the ground, Fergie will happily trail-ride bareback around the show grounds. Brave to the jumps and in the show ring, she is suitable for a junior or amateur rider.

Fergitaboutit – 1.10m Jumper – 03-28-19

Fergie – 1.0m Young Jumpers – Santa Fe – 08-09-18

Fergie – Hunters – TVNHS – 05.23.18


2003 Holsteiner Gelding (15.2 hh)

USEF – 5093090

With previous experience up to 1.40m, Cheetah is a fun ride for someone looking to move into the 1.0m – 1.15m division. A competitive jumper, he is consistently in the ribbons. Amateur friendly, careful and safe, he will make someone a great partner in the show ring.

Cheetah 1.30m Jumpers Woodside 07-06-16

Cheetah 1.20m Jumpers Gold Coast LAEC 2016

Cheetah Schooling Hansen Dam 08-18-18


2011 Holsteiner Gelding (17.1 hh)

USEF – 5220469

Pistol is a solid young horse with an easy disposition by the Stallion Picardo. Amateur friendly, careful and safe, he will make someone a great partner in the show ring. Currently coursing 1.15m with the scope to go higher, Pistol also displays great potential for the Equitation ring.

Pistol – 1.10m Jumpers – Temecula Valley – 05-25-19

Pistol – 1.15m Speed Class – Temecula Valley – 05-23-19

Pistol 1.10m Jumpers Huntington Beach 08-09-18