Jenni McAllister

Jenni Martin McAllister is an accomplished Grand Prix level show-jumping rider. Born and raised in Southern California, she began taking riding lessons from her older sister Cecily at the age of three. Her well-rounded career started early with pony club, competing triumphantly in Dressage, Three-Day-Eventing, Barrell-Racing, Horse-Racing and participation on the Junior Nations Cup Team and the Zone Ten Region Team. Her diverse experiences serve as the foundation for her professional career today.

Having competed successfully in Hunter Derbies and Show-Jumping for several decades, Jenni and her husband Steve McAllister run a comprehensive coaching, training and sales business based out of Rancho Corazon in Lemitar, NM. They are adept at starting and training young horses to achieve their personal best in the show ring, having effectively made many horses who have gone on to thriving show careers. They also specialize in rehabilitation and correcting problem behaviors in top sport horses for clients and other professionals. 

All the while, Jenni continues to bring home top prizes on the domestic Grand Prix circuit and the world stage. In 2014, she made her first FEI World Cup Final appearance in Lyon, France. This was followed by a second trip to the World Cup in Omaha, Nebraska in 2017 and qualifying a third time for the Paris, France World Cup in 2018.